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tv   Today in New York  NBC  September 4, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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paris-bound train got a hero's welcome. spencer stone spent the last two weeks n the hospital in germany. the two friends who helped him overpower the gunngn are already back in the united states. there's a parade even planned in their honor. welcome back to a true hero. >> three great americans. well-deserved. absolutely. >> almost 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. raphi in for chris. good morning. >> good morning guys. the heat is ending today. you may not think that when you step outside. it's very muggy this morning. yesterday was b humid but not as hot today. you'll feel better as we head into the afternoon. one or two showers can't be ruled out. beautiful weather coming our way ovorer the labor day holiday weekend. here's a look a storm tracker. we have a front moving through, though. there's going to be enough instability that we may see one or two showers popping up. otherwise, it's mostly quiet.
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it's warm and humid. mostly clear skies. 82 by lunchtime. that's as hot as we get. no 90s for a change on this friday. we'll look at a fantastic weather forecast coming up. emily west is here. >> we have delays on the f trains. due to track maintenance. buses and a lot of detours for new york city. everything else is running on schedule. commuter checklist not bad. keep in mind, this afternoon, there will be extra trains. alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> 'em liply, thank you very much. the pilots on board a plane are credited with preventing a possible disaster. it went down in crest hill near a golf club and sports fields as ll.
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tracie strahan is there at the scene with the latest. tracie, this was a case where the pilots had to make quick decisions and they made the right one, obviously. >> reporter: thankfully, michael. that plane still here but in pieces. we want to show you right now, it's being monitored by correspond kill police. the two pilots on board being credited with their efforts to avoid large crowds, including children who w e here at the time. >> we lost the engine completely. can we make an emergency landing? >> reporter: that radio transmission came from the coast guard auxiliary plane shortly before it crashed. it's usually assigned with conducting patrols. after recognizing engine issues, the pilot realized the field was
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the only option for landing. >> he was a little wobbly. somebody yelled he doesn't have power. if you see where he landed on the edge of the field, my opinion they did a good job of avoiding a tragedy by getting over there. >> reporter: the two people in the cessna are recovering from serious injuries at the hospital at this hour. they were said to be conscious after they landed here. the good news for them, the ambulance station about three blocks away from here. actually, that man and wife ig from inglewood hospital. the ntsb will take over the investigation. the plane will probably be removed sometime today. back to you. >> tracie, thank you very much. happening today, two former new jersey daycare workers accused of trying to create a fight club for young children will face a judge. chanise white and erica kenny are facing child abuse charges.
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they encouraged children as young as 4 years old encouraged them to fight and videoed the brawls and shared them on social media. the search is on for the people responsible for an unusual robbery in the bronx. these men broke into a vacant apartment early wednesday morning. you see that person almost looking at the camera. the men drilled a hole in the floor of the apartment and dropped down into a deli below it. they grabbed baby formula, undetermined amount of cash and set a fire to cover their tracks. also in the bronx, a man wanted for stabbing a person inside a grocery store on morris avenue. that happening on august 27th. the man seen here stabbed the victim in the back of the head following a dispute. they had been taken to jacoby hospital but since been released. now to decision 2016 and the intense speculation swirling around vice president joe biden.
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will he run again for president? biden has been mourning the death of his son beau. but lass night he said he would ot hesitate to run if his family is up for it." the biden famila will have to give him the thumbs up for him to run. the democratic front-runner hopes to rally the support of female voters. she'll host house parties and organize events. clinton will try to connect the voters with a subscription box service. she'll send regular home deliveries of her favorite household items. donald trump supporters hoipg -- republican front-runner signed a plenl to support whoever becomes the gop nominee and not to run as a third-party candidate. trump then with the rnc chairman at trump tower met with reince priebus and greeted supporters. >> the best way for the
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republican to win is if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they happen to put up. for that reason, i have signed the pledge. >> there it is. trump could get double digit support if he ran as a third-party contender. republicans are worrying that would have split the vote guaranteeing the win for the democratic nominee. five rutgers university football players are now suspended in connection with an assault and a violent spree of home invasion robberies. police say the five were all arrested this week. they say four were involved in an unprovoked attack that left a student with a broken jaw. several of them pulled off robberies. >> it's like shocking that five
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football players when they have a big rep in school. >> very prestigious, d-1 football team. you wouldn't expect that out of athletes. >> we'll have more on that story coming up. 4:40 right now. the seventh annual electric zoo on randall's island. the weekend show is one of the biggest in the country for electronic and dance music. two years ago it was cut short after two people died from a drug overdose. last year, the electric zoo ended early also but due to stormy weather. just ahead, a giant recall is getting bigger this morning. >> a scare at a preseason football game. the accident during halftime that sent fans to the hospital. if you're planning one last beach get away, you want to see the forecast. your weather and traffic on the fours is coming up. >> follow us on facebook and twitter. michaelg4ny and darlene4ny. you're achg "today in new york."
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it's 4:43. here are four things to know this morning. breaking news in brooklyn where police shot a suspect overnight. in bushwick, there's a live report in 15 minutes. a new york city teacher facing multiple charges. police say he was operating a drone that crash landed in the stands in the middle of a match at the u.s. open. we'll tell you what police are saying about that ahead in 15 minutes. kraft is expanding the recall of cheese slices tenfold. the company is recalling hundreds of thousands of slices because of concerns that some of the plastic may stick to the slice and cause a choking hazard.
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head to for more information. the triple crown winner american pharoah will race again. the owner confirms that he will run in the breeders' cup. he tweeted the champ deserves another chance after the second place finish in saratoga. a lot of questions as to whether american pharoah was going to run after being defeated in travers stakes. >> we've got the triple crown. >> got that on the shelf. however you keep such things. i don't know how that works. 4:44. raphi, good morning. >> good morning, guys. ready for the big weekend. hope you have plans. take a look at the seven-day forecast. we have fantastic weather headed our way. it's still muggy. i know we're ready for the heat. it's going to happen later on today and especially tomorrow. gradual cooldown that we have. still muggy right now. 78 degrees.
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we have high humidity but mostly clear skies. a look at storm tracker and expecting a nice quiet morning for the most part. a front moving to the south in the afternoon. there may be one or two hit or miss showers and storms. temperatures in the 70s around the city. 77 in tribeca. 77 in jersey city. 77 sheepshead bay. temperatures in the 60s north and west, poughkeepsie 69 degrees. it's mild and muggy for almost everyone. 76 in bridgeport and 72 down the shore. baseball weather later tonight looks great for the rays taking on the yanks. 79 degrees and warm. it starts to get more comfortable. by tonight, you'll lose the humidity dropping hour by hour and breathe a sigh of relief there. future tracker, 1:00, 2:00 p.m., hit or miss isolated showers and storms. just a little risky there and not take the umbrella with me. i don't think we'll see rain. you can see at 7:00 tonight, mostly quiet for the evening commute.
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setting this into motion. by tomorrow, lunchtime looking great. lots of sunshine tomorrow. temperature and humidity both down for saturday. that continues into sunday. watch out for this. your pollen report is way up there. weed pollen very high. ragweed and mold. it's a rough stretch for allergy sufferers. 80 tomorrow, low humidity. very comfortable outside. it starts to heat up but the humidity doesn't get bad until your labor day monday. temperatures in the 80s. eventually back to the sticky 90s by labor day, monday. 91 on tuesday. it could be another heat wave, believe it or not heading into next week. a hot seven-day forecast. let's look at the commute with emily west. >> steam up a little bit. we have a few things happening south of brunswick. first off a truck fire in the process of being extinguished on the turnpike in the truck lanes
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at exit 8a. that is going to be in the right lane. still have that expressway construction. two lanes blocked both ways eastbound from exit 4 to 10. westbound bradley avenue over to richmond avenue. let's take a live look at the george washington bridge where traffic is moving better. the lower level is a pretty good bet for you. even outbound roadwork is on the way. the brooklyn bridge, the cadman plaza moving along fine. that is due to roadwork. also the cross bronx, that's where it is. that's where it's going to be very heavy. that is due to construction from sheridan expressway into webster avenue. a lot of slowdowns on the cross bronx westbound. everything looks fine for your commuter checklist. alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> emily, thank you. 4:47 right now. hot water restored to a building in the melrose houses in the
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bronx where the legionella bacteria was detected in the water system. water filters were installed on faucets and showerheads and all apartments at 681 cortland avenue. a new water treatment system is up and running. there have been four cases of legionnaires'. they're not sure whether the latest patient caught it. >> as everyone knows, there are hundreds of legionnaires' cases in new york city each year. most happen in isolation and most, thank god, with very little consequence for the patient. >> two other buildings at the melrose houses tested negative for legionnaires'. tests from five other buildings are expected back today. there's a push to extend the federal programs to help those who worked at ground zero after the 9/11 attacks. since 2011, the programs have offered aid to people potentially linked to toxic dust. they are due to expire unless
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action is taken in washington. dozens of rescue workers and members of congress gathered at the world trade center site to call for something to be done. >> those who put their lives on the line, those who suffer terrible illnesses, those who may in the future suffer illnesses in down here. there's no doubt at all, they should get the health care that they deserve. >> congress initially limited the programs because of concerns about the massive cost of. funding is scheduled to end in october of 2016. a defiant kentucky county clerk is waking up in jail as her office prepares to issue same-sex marriage licenses for the first time ever. kim davis was found in contempt of court for failing to comply with two court orders to give out the licenses citing her religious beliefs. davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses in rowan county when the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage. five of the deputies will issue
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the licenses today. the lone holdout is davis' son. three people injured after a bolt fell from the roof of the lucas oil stadium in indianapolis during a preseason football game. associated press said it happened just before halftime during last night's game between the bengals and the colts. the bolt fell while the retract retractible roof was being opened. two are treated in the hospital. the nfl is not planning to appeal a decision to overturn tom brady's suspension. the quarterback was at the preseason game last night against the giants but he didn't play. the nfl suspended brady for his role in playing football before the afc championship game in january. the judge based his ruling yesterday on whether brady was treated fairly by the league under the collective bargaining agreement. >> this is the a statement that
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the nfl can't spend him for what the nfl believes he did. >> an appeal could last on average eight to ten months. but brady will suit up for the opener against the pittsburgh steelers. jason pierre-paul will return to the giants early next week even if he's not ready to take the field. pierre-paul expected to allow the giants to look at the injuries he suffered during a fourth of july fireworks accident. giants players believe he can gri bring enthusiasm to the defense even if it's from the sidelines. he has yet to sign his deal. pope francis' surprise shopping trip. >> out at the mall. a wild scene at a local restaurant. a car goes flying into it. we'll tell you why this is deja vu for the workers there. you're watching "today in new york."
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4:54 on this friday morning. looking at the belt parkway. >> excited about the belt parkway. >> you do? you've taken it so many times. >> regular -- you take the cross island to the belt. you take the van wyck to the belt. these are major decisions. >> as emily knows. we'll get to her in a second. first raphi and the weather. >> good morning, guys. ready for the heat wave to end? you're okay with it. it's ending. it's over. 90s are gone, michael. i know you're sad about that. >> no more van halen. >> okay. took a while to get that one. in case you start that beach weekend early today, 79 degrees at the rockaway 6789 sunshine and clouds.
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one or two showers popping up. not the best beach day. that's going to improve. winds out of the east at 10 to 20 miles per hour. water temperatures mild. 74 to 79 degrees. that only happens around this time of year usually. uv index is 6. it's high. there is a high risk for rip current. make sure if you go in the water, you can see a lifeguard. 83 for a high temperature today. muggy and warm. it's uncomfortable out there. the humidity drops later on today. as you head home tonight, a refreshing feel out there. big changes coming our way this weekend. >> okay. super. >> he's giving us everything. i love it. >> very exciting. overall, pretty nice. we have detours with the buses. keep that in mind if you're heading out now. there are a lot of them. take a peek, everything else aside from new york city buses are doing okay. a look at the tappan zee bridge where that ride is moving along fine. no problems there. i'll update you on the incident
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on the turnpike at 5:00. >> emily, thank you. wendy's in new jersey is closed this morning. police say it happened just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday at the wendy's on route 4 in paramus. both cars were driving near the exit when they ended up barreling into the glass. back in june, another car slammed into the same restaurant causing significant damage. repairs had just been completed. >> it's one of those lightning doesn't strike twice kind of things. you wouldn't imagine the same scenario. the same angle. >> no one was seriously injured luckily in yesterday's crash. >> governor cuomo sympathizes with parents who are frustrated by the common core curriculum. the governor is going to seek recommendations from parents, teachers and education experts on how to improve it. many say the common core is too
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tough, forces teachers to spend too much time preparing students for standardized tests. a rockland county lawmaker introduced a bill to the state legislature. the measure would adjaho tells and motels to the list of indoor places where smoking is not allowed. right now, they're exempt from the state's ban. they could face fines for violations. something ordinary as getting new glasses can cause a commotion when it involves pope francis. crowds gathered on the street in downtown rome where the holy father went shopping for glasses yesterday. according to usa today, the pope told the shop's owner he didn't want a new set of frames. he wanted new lenses. he spent 40 minutes in there before he was driven back to the vatican. just imagine the store clerk and then the holy father comes in. >> you can't even believe it. you have to fit him for the glasses. one place you won't see pope francis' face, on pizza boxes.
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a pizzeria in southern jersey got a delivery of these. the boxes didn't seem right. and turned them down. >> he wanted to be respectful. >> exactly. i'm sure. as we prepare for the pope's visit to new york city, we've created a special section with everything you need to know. head to all right. it's coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're headed out the door, take us with you. >> watch "today in new york." download the app on your mobile device. our next hour says right now. we're following two breaking news stories. gunfire in brooklyn, a suspect shot by police. we'll tell what you witnesses say happened. breaking this morning. a teacher charged after a strange scene at the u.s. open. >> then a small plane crashes near popular sports fields. while the pilots are being praised for what they did.
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live pictures of the wreckage. "today in new york" starts now. 5:00 a.m. on this friday, september 4th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. raphael miranda is here with the forecast. >> good morning guys. how are you doing on the start of your labor day holiday weekend? nice weather outside right now. it's dry, 77 degrees. can't get rid of that mugginess yet. temperatures are down from the past few days. the heat wave is over today. 82 degrees by lunchtime. a high temperature of 83 and one or two scattered storms can't be ruled out, especially heading towards lunchtime. it should be dry and eventually we're dropping that humidity by the end of the day. there's another one coming our way. we'll look at the seven-day forecast in a few. emily west is here with the commute. >> we're checking on this truck fire shall near exit 8k in the process of extinguished.
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it was carrying watermelons to labor day parties. but right lane is going to be taken up there. on staten island, have this construction eastbound. staten island expressway between 470 to victory boulevard. here right near south avenue, it's already very, very heavy. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you very much, emily. there's breaking news this morning in queens. a new york city school teacher is facing charges. police say he was operating a drone that crashed at the u.s. open. "today in new york's" kerry barrett is in the newsroom ith new information overnight. kerry? >> darlene, good morning. 26-year-old daniel var elly was arrested this morning charged with reckless endangerment. here's what happened if you're not familiar. thankfully, nobody was injured. a drone buzzed the court at the u.s. open and then krarkd into a section of seats that were empty. it happened before 8:30 last night. it flew diagonally through the arena.
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during the next to last game between the player from italy, flavia panetta and one from romania. panetta heard it fly by but didn't know what it was. her initial reaction was maybe it was a bomb. obviously it wasn't. it broke into pieces when it crashed and the match was interrupted while police and fire personnel checked it out. thankfully, everybody is okay. the nypd is investigating. but once again, we're working on getting a picture of daniel var elly. >> kerry barrett in the newsroom, thank you. a person shot overnight by police. the gunfire rang out in bushwick. there's a large crime scene. it is set up in 12900 block of madison street there. "today in new york's" katherine creag spoke with police. >> numerous police officers and detectives are here down the street investigating a police-involved shooting. it happened early this morning. a man was shot in the leg once and transported to kings county
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hospital. he is expected to recover. but he's also officially in police custody. this is on 12900 block of madison street near knickerbocker avenue. the first 911 calls came in around 1:25 this morning. people who live in the area took photos of what was happening here. none of the police officers was hurt when this happened. we're told that there was some kind of altercation between that man who was shot and the two police officers. detectives are on the scene trying to sort it all out. that's the latest from brooklyn. i'm katherine creag. back to you. police are looking for a man who took out his anger on an mta bus. this man picked up a metal garbage can and smashed the window of a bus in chelsea. he had just gotten into an argument with the driver. this happened back in july. we're just now seeing this picture. the airmen who helped to


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